8 nail art techniques to fall for this February

Missing your trips to the nail salon? Bored of beautiful but ‘samey’ nails? Then maybe it’s time to spice things up a bit!

This February, the nail experts here at Semilac Shop, are taking a closer look at the different ways to dress up your nails. Some are super simple, some may take a little more time to master – but nearly all of them you can give a go at home and are guaranteed to add glamour and style to your nails.

Fabulous nails, a new creative skill, and an activity to help pass the time in lockdown? Sounds like a winner to us!


Simple(ish) nail art techniques

Over recent years, nail art has become a big deal. Massively growing in popularity, the trend of applying different pictures, patterns and designs to nails has resulted in a wide range of tricks and techniques to achieve exciting new looks.

Ok, so we’re not going to lie. Some of these methods will take more practise (and patience!) than others. But we promise they are all fun and totally worth it for the end results.


  1. Add sparkle

Adding a touch of sparkle is a great place to start on your nail art journey. It’s super easy to do and the finished nails will look amazing. Keep it straightforward by using a glittery gel polish or have a go with loose nail glitter to add more artistic flair.


  1. Nail gems

A delicate process but one that’s worth it for showstopping results and nail art to rival even the most exquisite jewellery. All you need are a selection of pretty gems and a quality nail glue to stick decorations in place.


  1. Go dotty

Who doesn’t love polka dots? A dotting tool can be used to create all kinds of stunning looks, but perhaps the easiest to master is the simple spot. With different sizes of dotting tools available you can mix up both your dot sizes and your colours – lovely bubbly!


  1. Tape

Vertical, horizontal, lighting bolts – whatever takes your fancy - you can use tape and different coloured gel polishes to produce artistic lines and colourful effects. Fix tape into position, apply your first colour and allow it to dry. Then, if needed, put on more tape, before applying your next colour. You can try this without tape but beware, lines may not appear as sharply defined and tend to look less impressive with a wobble!


  1. Paint a masterpiece

If gel polish is your paint, nails are your canvas! Using a nail art brush is only as tricky as your intended design. But keep in mind that it will be harder when you have to use your less dominant hand, so start simple and build on your skill! There are several types of brushes – angled, oval, flat etc – in varying thickness to help you achieve different looks. The only limit is your imagination!  


  1. Sponging

Great for creating a stunning gradient effect. Paint shades of your colour choice onto a small area of sponge (roughly the size of your nail) and stamp onto your nail. Apply the polish quite thickly to the sponge so that it stays wet enough to stick to the nail. You can experiment by adding more shades or mix it up even more by using completely contrasting colours to build your own nail rainbow.


  1. Stencilling

This takes the tape idea one step further and is a clever way of creating more detailed patterns. Apply your base colour, then use a nail stencil to paint over in a different colour and build eye-catching patterns. You can cover the whole nail in an intricate design, just the tips, or fashionably run a section across a small area of the nail.


  1. Stickers and decals

Let’s end on a quick, fuss-free option - nails stickers and decals. All you need here is a great gel polish colour to apply as your base and then pick from the never-ending choice of decorative nail stickers and decal designs available on the market. All you have to do is stick and go – easy-peasy and loads of fun!  


You can experiment with some of these nail art techniques with things you have lying around the house – an old makeup sponge, sticky tape to mark out your lines etc. But, for a more professional finish, and to make the process far easier, it’s a much better idea to invest in the proper tools for the job.

Buy your nail art supplies today and get creative

To master these techniques, a quick search on the internet will pull up tons of helpful tutorials. You’ll find everything else you need to get started, right here at the Semilac Shop UK.

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