New year, new nail care routine

What’s your resolution for 2021? Dropping a dress size, getting fit, learning a new skill or reading more books?

We all make new year promises to ourselves. In fact, over 40% of Brits put exercise and losing weight at the top of their list each year but less than half of us stick to it! So why not pick something that’s way easier to achieve (and a lot more fun!) - starting a proper nail care routine.

Nail health can often be overlooked, after all, it’s easy to paint over problems and forget about the poor condition of the nail hiding underneath. But taking proper care of your hands can not only improve the look and lasting power of your manicure, it can also help to make you feel great too!

Just following a few simple steps as part of a regular routine could be all you need to shape up your nails for 2021. And here the nail experts at Semilac Shop UK, tell you how.


Why now more than ever your hands need a little TLC

Good hand care is always important but especially in winter and especially this winter. Why? Because not only are our hands exposed to the drying effects of the cold weather, but this year the pandemic has also resulted in far more hand washing. Add to this the excessive use of anti-bacterial gel and skipped salon visits, and it’s unlikely your nails have entered 2021 looking their best. But don’t worry, that’s easily fixed



10 essential steps for your nail care routine


  1. Length isn’t everything.

You know you should trim your hair every so often to keep it in good condition, right? Well, the same goes for your nails.


Roughly, you should aim to cut your nails every two weeks but everyone is different – for some this will need to be more frequent, less so for others. Long nails can look amazing, but opting for a slightly shorter style not only makes nails easier to manage, it also helps to keep them strong and makes them less prone to snags and breaking.


  1. Keep a file handy.

Are you forever catching a nail? Always keep a nail file handy to smooth any rough edges and prevent any further damage. And don’t forget, it’s important to pick the right nail file too. Check out our blog, ‘How to choose the right nail file’ for more on this and how to get your technique right.


  1. Use the right tools.

Not only do you need a good nail file, it’s also important to use the proper tools for the task in hand. From nail tip cutters, to delicate cuticle nippers and pushers, it’s worth investing in the right equipment to look after your nails properly.


Are you guilty of picking at your manicure to remove old polish? STOP! This can strip off the first layer of your nail with the gel polish! Instead be sure to always use a proper remover – such as Semilac remover wraps -  for fast, effective removal.


  1. Moisturise.

Make moisturising your hands, part of your nightly routine. Use a protective hand cream – such Semilac Canola Defense – to benefit from long-lasting hydration and protection against harmful external factors. It’s also a great idea to keep a small tube of cream somewhere handy – in your handbag, under the sink, etc - so you can keep topping up your moisture levels throughout the day.


  1. Always use a base coat.

Just because you’re doing a DIY manicure, it doesn’t mean you can skip steps. Applying a base coat not only gives you a better, more professional finished result, but it also shields the nail and prevents staining. 


  1. Use a quality gel polish.

Not all gel polishes are created equal, so be precious about what you paint on your nails and always use a quality product like those found in the Semilac range.


  1. Use a top coat.

Just as you need a base coat, you also need to apply a top coat to seal in your manicure, prevent chips and protect your nails. You can top this up every few days to prolong the life of your manicure and help maintain a glossy finish.  


  1. Try and have a breather.

Do you always take off one colour and replace it with another? I mean we don’t blame you, with so many fab colours to choose from the temptation is high. But it’s a good idea to give your nails a rest if you can, to prevent them from drying out.


Can’t bring yourself to go bare? Then try just wearing a clear gel polish for a spell. With fewer colour pigments these are less intense on the nail and still look great.


  1. Wear gloves

Washing the pots, cleaning the house, going for a walk – whether plastic or woolly, be sure to protect your hands with gloves.


  1. Keep a check on your diet

You are what you eat – and that’s certainly true when it comes to your nails. So for great-looking, healthy nails keep your diet topped up with plenty of water, calcium and protein-rich foods.



Get your nails sorted for 2021

By following these easy steps, you will soon start to see positive improvements in the appearance of your nails. Why not kick start your commitment to a new nail care routine with a few fabulous products from Semilac?

Here at the Semilac Shop, we are official distributors of this acclaimed brand, offering a wide range of goodies to perfect and enhance your nails. Start shopping now or get in touch with the team today to discover more about what Semilac products could do for you.