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5in1 Extend Base nail gel polishes - now more colours!

5in1 Extend Base is an innovation that saves time and money! This is an absolutely unique gel polish that contains 5 of the most desirable properties. It is also the base, colour and top! In addition, it gives the opportunity to build up the nail plate and extend it up to 1 cm! From now on, you can do the perfect and long lasting manicure with Semilac products even faster and easier.

Semilac gel polish is the highest quality, the latest trends and innovations that allow you to emphasise beauty more precisely. In our range, you will also find 5in1 gel nail polishes that open a whole new chapter in the history of gel polish manicure. Get to know them better and fall in love with the express execution of professional stylisations!

5in1 Extend Base polishes - when to use?
Innovative 5in1 Extend Base is above all the opportunity to create a perfect gel polish styling based on one product! However, there are a few other ways to use it - let's get to know all of them! Semilac 5in1 Extend Base also includes the possibility of extending the nail plate. This characteristic makes the product support for a broken or brittle nail. The perfect solution for each of us!

The 5in1 Extend Base polishes from the Semilac offer are also an excellent product for creating popular French styling - we make it directly on hardened Semilac Extend 5in1 - without the need for a base colour. We finish with any top from the Semilac offer. And it's ready!

What other applications can 5in1 Extend Base gel polish have? Just in the form of a base! The 5in1 Extend Base applied directly to the nail plate and any coloured gel nail polish is applied over it. It is very easy to apply, which will certainly meet with the approval of people starting their adventure in nail industry.

Semilac 5in1 Extend Base has the 5 most desirable product features in one bottle!

Imagine a magical product that is both a base, an elegant colour and a top. Impossible? And yet! All this and even more contain 5in1 Semilac Extend Base gel Polish! Choose one of the proposed colours - delicate beige or rose-nude shade of pink and create a perfect manicure. With professional performance, you'll be able to enjoy its perfect colour and shine for up to 21 days!

5in1 Extend Base nail gel polish - step by step application.
Are you interested in 5in1 Extend Base nail gel polishes, but you are not sure if you will be able to fully use their power? It's easy with Semilac! We present step by step instructions thanks to which 5in1 Extend Base will not have any secrets for you!

How to apply 5in1 Semilac  Extend Base?
Application of Semilac Extend 5in1 varnish is easy and pleasant - it will not be a problem even for people just starting their adventure with nails. The application looks like this:

1. Preparation of the nail plate.
Degrease the nail plate with a Semilac Nail Cleaner.

2. Application of Semilac Extend Base 5in1
Apply directly on the nail plate, apply one layer of Semilac Extend 5in1 in the colour of your choice. The thickness of the layer depends on the effect we want to achieve - in order to build up or extend the nail on the template, you should apply a larger amount of the product in layers and each time cure it in the lamp. However, the layers should not be too thick, and the curing time should be about twice as long due to the fairly pigmented product.

3. Curing
Cured in the Semilac lamp.

4. Degreasing
Finally, degrease with Semilac Nail Cleaner to remove the dispersion layer.

And your perfect nails are ready!