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Semilac Care Base is a game changer for your weak, thin and brittle nails.

It works great as a kind of "patch" on a broken nail, and thanks to the formula containing keratin, nylon fibres biotin and vitamin E,  it will support the regeneration of the plate and protects it against mechanical damage, splitting and breaking


Thanks to the medium-thick consistency, our base is easy to apply. Its advantage is also a transparent shade of pudding pink - it can be used as a foundation for any gel polish manicure or applied on its own, which allows you to get a natural manicure look.


How to apply Semilac Care Base?

Applying Semilac Care Base is easy and pleasant - it won't be a problem even for people just starting their adventure with nails.

Step 1. Prepare nail plate and degrease it with a Semilac Nail Cleaner.

Step 2. Apply a layer of Semilac Care Base.

Its thickness depends on the effect you want to achieve - in order to build up the nail, you should apply a larger amount of the product in layers and each time cure it under the lamp. It can also be used to extend the nail on the nail template form.

If you use Semilac Care Base in the form of a regular manicure undercoat - just apply a thin layer of the product and cure it under the lamp (curing time depends on the power of your lamp) and then apply 2 thin layers of Semilac gel polish.

Step 3. Apply Semilac top and cure it the lamp.

And here you go - your perfect manicure is ready!