How to make your manicure last | Semilac Shop

The summer looks set to last a while longer with one last blast of September sunshine – but can your manicure keep up?

Chipped nails and outgrown colour are just some of the tell-tale signs your manicure is ready for a revamp. Most of us love having our nails done but finding the time can be a different story altogether.

So what can be done? How can you eek a little bit more from your manicure and make sure you wave goodbye to the warmer weather with fabulous looking nails?


Handy hints to maximise your manicure

The first – and probably the most important – step is to always make sure you use a quality gel polish. Semilac, is one of the leading gel polish names on the market, renowned for quality and performance and, here at Semilac Shop, we’re excited to offer a huge range of long lasting shades, including the gorgeous summer neon collection.

Perfect gel polish picked, other ways to help your manicure last, include:

  1. Apply a base coat – you hear it all the time (but it’s often ignored for DIY manicures to speed things up) but applying a base coat really can make all the difference for durable colour – and it protects your nail bed. Try Semilac Fibre Base UV Gel Polish, which is enriched with nylon fibre to help strengthen your manicure.
  2. Mirror your cuticles – file your nails into a shape that follows the same line as your cuticles. Why? Because this helps to give your nails strength, making them less likely to break.
  3. Avoid painting cuticles – make sure you don’t get gel paint on your cuticles. This can look untidy but also lifts the paint away from the nail putting you at more risk of chipping and peeling.
  4. Shaken not rolled – whilst it’s a good idea to mix up the contents of your gel polish bottle before painting, don’t shake it. Shaking creates air bubbles which, if painted onto your nails, will chip faster. Instead gently roll the polish bottle between your palms.
  5. Remember the edges – getting a complete seal is the best way to ensure your nails don’t start chipping from the top. To achieve this, run the base coat, colour and top coat around the free edge of the nail.
  6. Apply a top coat - just like your base coat this is a step not to be missed if you’re going to maximise the life of your manicure. For enhanced shine and protection, reapply a layer of clear top coat every few days. Semilac Top Coat No Wipe UV Gel Polish, is great for this.
  7. Avoid hand sanitiser – ok, so in the current climate this one is a little tricky. Hand sanitiser is everywhere and keeping your hands clean is crucial to avoid the spread of infection. But, where you can, wash hands with soap and water instead, as this is far less damaging to your nails.
  8. Use a nail oil – not only does this keep your colour looking at its glossy best, it also prevents nails from drying out and splitting.
  9. Wear gloves – washing the dishes, doing housework? Protect your nails with a pair of gloves…or better still, get someone else to do it!


…and a few sneaky tricks

Already too late? If your nails are already showing signs of wear, don’t panic, we’ve a few sneaky tricks up our sleeve to help you enjoy them a little longer.

  • Chipping – in a world of texting and typing, it’s often the tip of our nails that take the most wear. If yours have started chipping, try filing down the tip and resealing with another layer of topcoat.
  • Get creative – if your gel polish manicure has started to grow out, it’s time to get creative. Nail art not only distracts the eye, it also allows you to fill the gap AND create a fabulous new look. Check out Semilac’s effects range.
  • Add tips – we love this one! Not only are tips hugely on trend at the moment but they are also a great way to hide chips and cover up signs of an aging manicure. Add a thin French tip, using any contrasting colour, to the top of your nail and, wow, hot nails in an instant.

So there you have it. Easy ways to get more from your manicure whatever the season. Why not shop our extensive range of colours and products now? Ordering is quick and easy, and if you spend over £45 you’ll even benefit from free next day UK delivery.

Alternatively, if you want to find out more about Semilac products, and how they can keep your nails looking fabulous, contact our team of nail experts today. Fill in our contact form, call us on 01636 707 727 or email