How to store nail polishes?

Many women wonder how to store nail polishes properly, especially if you have a large collection of them. It is worth knowing what few rules to follow so that nail polish doesn't lose its properties and is easy and pleasant to apply. It is important to know that nail polishes also have an expiry date, after which they become thick and crumbly. It is important to note that nail polishes only last as long as they are properly stored. The basic factors that affect the durability of polishes include external conditions, such as contact with air or the temperature of the storage area.

In addition to following the rules of proper storage of nail polishes, it is important to remember that before applying polish to the nails, you should shake the bottle vigorously to mix the contents. When painting, it is also important to keep the bottle open for an as short time as possible. After use, remember to close the bottle tightly and place it upright.

How to store your nail varnishes

The basic rule for storing nail polish is to keep it away from light and moisture, so the bathroom is not the best place for it. It is better to store it in the bedroom or dressing room. It would be a good idea to use a functional dressing table, where you can gather all the cosmetics. It is often said that polishes should be stored in a fridge, as this increases their durability. Unfortunately, this is not true and while it won't hurt, it certainly doesn't help.

The ideal temperature for nail polish is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Another rule is to close the bottle carefully and tightly and always store it in an upright position. Also remember about the rules mentioned in the introduction, which refer to tips during painting - you should avoid leaving the bottle open for a long time and shake it before each use.

It is also important to remember that old polish cannot be refreshed, for example with thinners or removers. In this case, you will need to buy a new bottle of your favourite product.

How to store gel nail polishes

The storage conditions for gel polishes are similar to those of their regular alternatives. However, you should know that gels are much more sensitive to light and temperature, therefore very often manufacturers use dark bottles or material that blocks light. It doesn't mean that you can forget about the light exposure when you have a dark bottle of gel polish - it will always be unfavourable for the cosmetic and should be avoided.

Lower temperature resistance may encourage storage gel polishes in a fridge, although the temperature should be closer to 10 degrees Celsius rather than zero. Bring your gel polish to room temperature before using it. How to store Semilac gel polishes? It is worth getting a spacious chest or stylish box to store them in a cool room.


If you store your nail polish properly, you will enjoy its high quality for a very long time. Properly stored nail polish is easier to apply and as a result, looks better on the nails. In good conditions, even a large collection of nail polishes, including gel ones, will maintain high quality and impeccable durability.