How to file your nails - Best practices

How to file your nails - best practices

While filing your nails may seem trivial, it's hard to imagine a glamorous manicure without the right nail shape. Oval, almond, or pointed? Or maybe a square or round shape? As you can see, there's plenty of options. Whether you're looking for your favourite type, or on the contrary, you've already got your dream nails, and now you just want to know how to take care of them - let yourself be guided by a professional and read our advice on how to file your nails. Aesthetics guaranteed!

How to file your nails?

A quick recipe for success is a simple way to file your nails. However, before you go on to choose your preferred shape, you first need to make sure you have the right equipment. For this purpose, a good nail file is an essential aid!

Nail files can be divided into the following categories

  • a boat-shaped file, which is straight on one side and curved on the other side which makes it great for shaping the nail plate,

  • a banana-shaped file, which is useful for hard-to-reach places at the edges and makes it easier to file on the sides of the nail.

How to file your nails step by step? Before you start filing your nails, you should also know that in addition to different shapes, files have different gradations, i.e. grit. The most delicate file, i.e. Semilac 180/240 is perfectly suited to work with natural nails because it doesn't cause any mechanical damage. The 180 grit side will give your nails the desired length and shape, while the 240 grit side can easily be used to matt the nail plate.

Semilac 120/180 nail file is a useful file for working on gel or acrylic mass. The core of the file, made of high-quality wood, ensures the file's durability and firmness.  With extended nails, it is also worth using the Semilac 100/180 file, one of the most popular files among professionals.

The sharpest file, designed for removing hard acrylic and gel layers, is Semilac 80/100 file with a coarse surface. This file should not be used on natural nails, because, due to its sharpness, it will damage them.

How to evenly file your nails?

When answering the question "how to file your nails?", it's worth following some proven tips.

One of the most important rules is to never file wet nails. Wet nails are more flexible, which makes it difficult to give them a good shape. You should also make sure you have a stable base when you file your nails - filing your nails in mid-air is a real hassle. Another good tip is to file in one direction to avoid splitting your nails. Also, a properly held file should be at a 45° angle, perpendicular to the nail plate.


Different nail shapes - how to file them?

There is plenty of nail file shapes to choose from. However, with ever-changing trends, preferences also change, which is why currently we see the triumph of the so-called almond shape. When choosing the best shape, it is essential to match it to your own nail plate, so that the effect will have the desired effect. 

How to shape your nails?

Some of the most common shapes of nails are square, pointed, and almond-shaped (which is close to oval).

If you want square nails, you should start by aligning the sides and then move to the tip of the nail plate. If you round the corners, your nails will be more durable and resistant. Square nails are especially recommended for slender hands.

To achieve pointed nails you first need to make sure they are long enough. It works well to mark the centre of the nail by filing the sides symmetrically to create the desired focal point.

Marking the centre of the nail is also useful when filing your nails into an almond shape. File the side edges at a 45° angle, going from the inner side of the nail to the outer side. The almond-shaped nails will optically slim your hands and lengthen your fingers.

Regular maintenance is important to keep your nails in optimal shape. However, before you think about how to file your nails nicely, consider buying a nail conditioner, which will help regenerate your nails, take care of their condition and make shaping much easier.