Pink nails. Neon madness!

Are you a fan of the latest trends? Are you planning to get your nails done soon and looking for a trendy style? If you're looking for inspiration straight from the fashion capitals of the world, you've come to the right place. Are you feeling adventurous enough to opt for pink neon nails?

Most girls go through their wardrobe before every night out to create a perfect, complete look. Do you do the same? Often, when clothes, shoes, and make-up are all put together, there's just something missing to have that wow effect. This is where a gel manicure comes in! It holds great potential, which is worth using not only on festive occasions.

Introducing additional colours gives freshness and brings a given style to life, often better than expensive jewellery. A whole range of different shades glitters, polishes and other effects offer plenty of opportunities to express yourself and your style. This season's big hit is neon pink. Find out how it suits you too!

Neon pink gel nails - not just for casual wear

A bright manicure is a versatile solution that helps you look perfect in many situations. It is ideal for a casual total look for shopping, meetings with girlfriends, or a romantic evening for two. Neon pink nails will complement neutral colours and subtle make-up, such as no make-up effect. Neon nails are the perfect way to show your style from the start.

Contrary to popular belief, neon gel nail polish manicures are also suitable for formal events. It creates a trendy combination with timeless white and classic black as well as other mono-coloured styles. In such a combination, the pink gel polish is your main accessory, which gives shine and attracts many eyes.

Neon pink nails - beautiful both solo and in combination

Neon pink gel nails are a real hit and can be worn in many different looks. It all depends on your creativity and the other elements of your style. Gel polish manicure, especially neon manicure, impresses with its shine and beauty. These effects are impossible to ignore. You can make them your greatest asset because shimmering elements appeal to many people.

Neon pink nails look great with a single colour manicure. Vibrant colours are best used if you have a large plate - then you can use the full potential of neon shades. Of course, it also works for short nails, which is why you can reach for a gel polish without hesitation.

Neon pink creates amazing combinations with other shades and patterns. Neon can be the main character of a manicure as well as a tasteful accessory - and it works perfectly every time!

How to apply neon colours to get the best effect?

Neon pink nails are the latest fashion trend! Are you looking for the perfect manicure to stand out and impress your friends? Make sure to clean and degrease your nail plate thoroughly. A buffing block is an absolute must. Don't forget the edges and the tips. A nail file with the right abrasiveness is also helpful - shaping your nails is half the work!

Why is this so important? Any dirt or irregularities are very noticeable in neon colours. Nail cleaner makes the base coat and polish last longer. If you prepare your nail plate properly, your gel manicure will look perfect even for a couple of weeks and the neon pink colour will look great in photos and films. A trendy neon look will attract attention from your friends and give you the courage to express your own style.

Fall in love with neon pink!