TOP 5 most common mistakes when removing gel polish

Many people think that a gel manicure brings more harm than benefit. Having perfect nails for a fortnight is hardly worth it, considering the weakening and breaking of the nails. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth!

Gel manicure can harm the nail plate, but only if it's applied or removed incorrectly. Many nail stylists don't realise how important it is to remove a gel properly. How to remove gel polish? Learn the five most common mistakes made during the procedure!

Removing old gel polish with a nail file

Removing the old gel polish is the most important step performed by nail stylists. How to remove gel nail polish? The correct execution of this procedure demonstrates the skills and commitment of the technician. In addition, proper removal of gel polish will leave the nail plate in perfect condition. A common mistake made during gel removal is to use a file to remove the polish. It is used, however, only to matt the top and later - to shape and polish the nail plate. So how to take off the gel polish at home? A stripper is used to remove the old gel polish, as soon as the gel polish is softened with an acetone-based remover.

How to take off gel nails? Do not peel off the old gel polish!

Forcefully peeling off the old gel polish is a mistake usually made by clients. It can be related to incorrectly applied gels that break and come off after just a few days. Many of us automatically try to peel off the remaining coat. This is a common mistake that has terrible consequences. Broken nail plate, splitting, and brittle nails are only some of the consequences of tearing off the gel polish by force. How to remove a gel manicure at home? If your manicure starts to chip on its own, it is best to consult your nail technician. Perhaps, it was her mistake that caused this? It's her responsibility to fix the manicure, so don't peel off the old polish yourself, just learn how to remove it properly.

Skipping steps when removing a gel polish

Removing a gel polish is a process that consists of several steps. It is important not to skip any of them. A common mistake is skipping the first step, i.e. matting the top coat before applying a pad soaked in nail polish remover, or using a sharp file to remove the polish. To properly carry out the process of removing a gel manicure, you need to know every step and follow all the rules. This will ensure that you don't damage either your or your clients' nails. However, if you're wondering how to remove a gel manicure without acetone, you'll need a nail drill.

Using cotton pads and foil to remove a gel polish manicure

A common mistake for people who are new to a gel manicure and don't know how to remove it is to use cotton pads and cling film. Cosmetic pads can react with acetone, which makes its fibers stick to the varnish. This can make it difficult to remove the manicure, which increases friction and thus damages the nail plate. How to remove gel? It is best to use professional, dust-free cotton pads. It's also not a good idea to use cling film when removing a gel manicure. Unfortunately, this product is too thin, which combined with acetone can damage your skin. It's therefore worth buying a special thicker film, which is designed for removing polish or using a remover wraps.

Removing your gel polish too quickly

The last mistake that is probably the most common is removing your polish too quickly. If the manicure hasn't been thoroughly softened after applying nail polish remover, don't forcefully peel or scrape it off. How to remove the gel from your nails? In this case, it is necessary to hold the film a few minutes longer. This time can be vital. If you start to remove the polish too quickly, your nails are bound to get damaged, so be patient even when removing your gel polish.