Hand rejuvenation at home - tips!

It is often said that our hands and hair are our representation because they can influence the way we are perceived at the first sight. Beautifully looking skin together with neat, tidy nails without any excess cuticles is something that draws a lot of attention. There are many effective ways to achieve the effect of healthy hand skin, using well-proven home practices, without spending money on unnecessary treatments in a beauty salon. Which of them gives the best results?

Hand rejuvenation through massage

Nothing has such a good and soothing effect on tense muscles and sagging skin as a properly done massage. Different types of massages are applied to the abdomen, hands, or head, usually to relieve tension and pain. In addition, it is used to improve blood circulation in a particular place. Such massages have an equally positive effect on rejuvenating your hands. It is worth trying to stretch while watching your favourite  movie. You can do this by using small, intensive circular movements, addressing the tense areas. Focus on those areas and apply pressure until the pain subsides. Finally, you can firmly shake your hands and rub them together. Massage has a very positive effect on the blood supply to tissues, so it is worth including such practice in everyday routine.

Hand rejuvenation through peeling and professional masks

Although the two mentioned treatments are mostly associated with facial care, they are also a proven and relatively easy way to rejuvenate hands. The scrubs with exfoliating particles are the most recommended here because they will help remove dead epidermis faster. This should improve the appearance and condition of the skin, and exfoliation performed regularly over a long time can result in noticeable effects.

Meanwhile, a serum is recommended for the cuticles. It is worth remembering that the overall appearance of your hands can be affected by even the smallest detail!

The rejuvenation of hands in the deeper layers of the skin is, however, a much longer process. In this case, you need to be patient and set yourself up for a systematic, daily routine. One such idea is to apply masks daily, and moisturize your hands several times a day with a regenerating cream. Another mixture, equally effective, can be prepared at home. Just mix together several ingredients: sugar, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and possibly a little bit of squeezed lemon juice. Simply mix and you are ready to go! Follow your normal scrubbing routine with a variety of circular and vertical movements in different directions.

How to keep your hands young and beautiful

Not only treatments or products applied externally have a huge impact on the beautiful, radiant appearance of our skin, including our hands. Equally important is to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet. It will provide the body with all the necessary micro- and macro-elements, nutrients, and vitamins. This is why it is a good habit to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Hydration is also essential. Drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day makes the skin plumper. 

Jewellery as a secret weapon

Beautiful and neat hands are also a matter of accessories and jewellery. A nice, trendy ring, or maybe one in a vintage style? Certainly also a coloured polish can be a great addition, making us feel that our hands are more nurtured. Professionally done manicure with gel polish can be very subtle and elegant, and at the same time will catch the eye of every person you meet.