Neutral, Elegant Nail Art Ideas for Summer / Fall 2021
We have put together some of the latest manicure inspirations for you with ready to buy bundles of your favourite gel polishes and accessories.
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Neutral and elegant nude designs

Minimalist nail art for a clean look with one nail in white gel polish while the rest are in nude and subtle glitter colours
Rose gold accent nails with a soft pink shade of gel polish creating a "Girly and Sweet" manicure look
Enhance your manicure with our glitter ombre shades - sexy, shimmery, and perfect for a first date. A hint of silver is the perfect touch to add flare and elegance!⁣
You can be bold, brash, outspoken and a force to be reckoned with while wearing light pink nails. And lace detail for that romantic touch.⁣
We believe it’s time to step away from shooting glitter and neon nails for the season, and instead, embrace a softer side of ourselves. Introducing our soft beige nails with gold foil accents.
Love yourself enough to wear what you want and not what the world tells you to wear. Explore our new Endless Summer collection of gel polishes in a range of pastel colours, and find out how quick it is to get the perfect manicure at home.⁣
The timeless, classical mani that suits every occasion- the beige and glitter manicure! This is a perfect go-to look for fall as it looks chic and perfect with any outfit, right?
These pastel pink nails with a twist will make you feel like a fairy princess. It's time to show off your mani with some soft pink and white colours wrapped up in lace detail.
That feeling when you get a pink manicure for your date, but it's also perfect for today. Lucky you - we’ve got it in both matte and glossy textures in this look! Put a little tease on with our marble transfer foil, which will complement the shimmer dust pink colour. It's time to live out your love for manicure and nail art.
Runway-inspired design created to celebrate you. The best way to show off your nails is natural, polished, and glamorous. Check out this simple, yet elegant manicure!