Gel overlays on a natural nails - step by step

One of the most popular manicure techniques is the gel method. It allows for a long-lasting effect and gives the nails the desired shape. The gel can be applied not only on artificial nails but also on the natural nail plate - and not only when you want to extend your nails. This method is an excellent choice for women who want to strengthen the nail plates and protect them from breaking. The technique is also safe for pregnant women and allergic people, as no harmful dust is released during the manicure. Learn how to do gel overlays step by step.

Step by step gel nails on a natural plate - the necessary tools

How to apply gel at home in a step-by-step process? For starters, you need the right tools. When equipped with professional products you can create a real manicure salon in your home. Remember to always choose only the highest quality tools made of hypoallergenic materials, such as Semilac cuticle pusher made of surgical steel. It is also worth it to equip yourself with pinching tool.

When preparing your nail plate to apply the gel on your nails in a step-by-step process, you will also need a 100/180 Semilac Quality file and a polishing block. To clean the nail plate, you will need a cleaner and special dust-free pads. Another important element of a gel manicure is a high-quality primer, as well as a gel base and brushes. When looking for the perfect brush, make sure you can hold it comfortably and steadily in your hand. Size and shape are also important. Choose products that will allow you to apply your gel nail polish precisely.

How to apply the gel onto the natural nail plate step by step? Use a UV lamp to ensure a long-lasting manicure. Remember about the most important part of the nail plate treatment, i.e. the gel. Keep in mind that you need not only gel bases and tops, but also coloured gels.

How to apply gel overlays step by step?

Step by step gel on a natural plate? Start by pushing back your cuticles with a pusher. This way you won't have to cut them. Next, using the 180 side of the file, prepare the natural nail plate. Clean it with Semilac Nail Cleaner and a dust-free pad. Apply acid-free primer on the degreased nail plate. Before applying the gel, don't forget about the proper base, which should be applied with a brush. Cure everything under a UV lamp.

Then the build-up layer, after which it is necessary to put your hand upside down to even out the gel and back under the lamp. File the gel to form the desired nail shape respecting the C-curve. It should be slightly raised in the middle and thinner around the edges. Smooth out any unevenness with a polishing block. Then degrease the prepared surface and apply your chosen gel polish, which needs to be cured. The last step is to apply the top coat and put your hands in the lamp. Now you know how to apply gel to the natural nail plate step by step!

Advantages of gel overlays

Self-applied gel on the natural nail plate has many advantages. A gel manicure is very durable and at the same time, nails painted this way look natural. It is a great choice for people who have brittle nails because this method significantly strengthens the nails and protects them from breaking. Additionally, the technique enables the reconstruction of deformed or damaged plates.

Gel on a natural plate allows you to make even the most complicated artwork. Thanks to this your nails will always look like straight from the beauty salon.