Methods for dream nails

The history of nail polish goes back to ancient times. Chinese women already painted their nails 5 thousand years ago, to emphasize their high social status. However, the formula of the product which was giving nails the desired colour was very different from today's polishes. They used to be made of a mixture of beeswax, egg whites, vegetable dyes and various metals. As painted nails were a sign of high social status, peasant women were absolutely forbidden to decorate their nails. For breaking this rule they could be even sentenced to death. Fortunately, times have changed, and everyone can paint their nails. Also the formula of polishes has changed significantly. Currently on the market there are many products that allow you to give your nails the desired color and shape. Do you know them all?

Classic nail polishes

The most recognizable among the many variants available. They were introduced to the market exactly in 1932 by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson, and their composition has been improved to this day for the comfort and safety of use. On store shelves we can find nail polishes in different prices and with various properties that can be listed endlessly. Women choose colors and textures according to their tastes and moods, and there is plenty to choose from: polishes with particles, pearl, matte, metallic, glitter, sand texture...

Manufacturers outdo each other in introducing new products that will satisfy the tastes of demanding customers. Classic nail polish provides a durable manicure from 2 to 7 days on average. After application, it is necessary to wait from a few to tens of minutes until the product dries completely, and to remove it you only need a nail polish remover.

Builder Gels

This is a nail design product, whose main task is to extend the natural nail plate with the additional use of tips or a form. There are many categories of this product, the main one being UV and LED nail gels, depending on what type of lamp is needed for their hardening. Women who decide on this form of nail design usually go to a beautician - performing such a procedure on your own requires appropriate skills and specialized products. Nail gels available on the market have different densities: thin, medium and thick, which are most often used for modeling and nail extensions on a form.

There is also a category of gels, depending on their role in the stage of creating this type of manicure. In the three-phase method a base gel is used as the first layer, the next (proper) layer is the building gel and the last one is the gloss gel. There are also one-phase and two-phase gels available on the market. Among the many types of products we can also distinguish gloss gels, camouflage gels, white gels (for French styling) and colored UV gels. These nail products have a large group of followers, who prefer a long-lasting manicure, lasting even a few weeks. To remove it, the help of a beautician is needed, who will file the gel layer and remove the manicure. Nails extended by the gel method can be painted and decorated with different types of nail polish.

UV gel nail polish

These products have already won the hearts of many women and the number of their fans is constantly growing. They combine the best features of classic nail polishes and nail gels. They provide a long-lasting manicure, and their application does not require interference in the nail plate (as in the case of nail gels). Additionally, UV gel nail polish is much more durable than classic nail polish. Each layer applied is fixed by UV LED or UV lamp, and light-curing makes them incredibly resistant to abrasion.

Gel polish manicure is characterized by high durability, a wide range of colors, abrasion resistance and extraordinary shine, previously reserved only for nail gels. This type of product is removed with cosmetic acetone or remover.


This is a powder that is combined with acrylic liquid. It can be applied directly onto the natural nail plate or onto nail tips. Using a lamp is not necessary - they harden in effect of the oxidation reaction, and this process takes a few minutes. However, for acrylic nails to reach their final hardness, two days are necessary. Only after this time do the nails achieve the desired shape. They adhere firmly to the nail and are characterized by extraordinary hardness and resistance - greater than nails extended with the gel method. Standard colors of acrylic are milky or light pink. To decorate such nails, colored acrylic or acrylic paints are often used.

Women have always attached great importance to their appearance, and well-groomed hands with beautiful nails are a business card of each of us. Today, fortunately, it is much easier to take care of them and make them look beautiful. We can choose from a variety of products available on the market and select those that suit us best. Beautiful nails are at your fingertips!