How your diet affects your nails

You are what you eat. Or so they say. But whilst it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that overindulgence in chocolate and one too many glasses of wine, will start to take a toll on your general health (and your waistline), does it really make much difference to your nails?

The quick answer? Yes. It does.

But what exactly is the impact of what we eat and what foods should we be tucking into? Here the nail experts at Semilac Shop, take a closer look at what’s on the menu to achieve stronger, healthier and more beautiful nails.


Food to dine out on

As with many aspects of our health, the key to well-nourished nails lies in a nutritious, balanced diet. But before you panic, there’s no need to banish the sweet treats or become teetotal. It’s simply a case of getting a little savvier with your snacks and making a few informed choices.


  • Dairy

When we think of dairy products, you’ll no doubt think about healthy bones and teeth – well the same is true for nails. Dairy products such as milk are bursting with calcium and vitamin D, which are essential for growing strong healthy nails.


  • Lean meats

Protein might be famed for helping to build strong muscles but it’s great for nail strength too, and should ideally feature regularly in your diet.


  • Oily fish

Whilst many of us spend time trying to avoid fats, it’s actually one of the key nutrients needed to keep your nails strong and supple. Salmon is loaded with healthy fats and vitamins which can help to prevent nails from splitting and breaking. Veggie? Try eating avocados instead.


  • Fresh fruit

We all know fruit is a valuable source of vitamins and nutrients, but some are particularly good for nail health. Blueberries boast high levels of antioxidants, which help to protect our body’s cells against damage – including the cells in our nails - so snacking on a bowl of this ‘superfruit’ will superpower your nails.

Other contenders for the fruit bowl include bananas (containing vitamin A) and strawberries and kiwi, which are high in vitamin C, helping to produce collagen and boost nail strength.


  • Greens

Broccoli, kale, spinach (it’s not only for Popeye!) and all green leafy veg, are a diet must for optimum nail health. Bursting with iron, they will have your nails in peak condition in no time at all.


  • Eggs

Another great source of protein, eggs also contain biotin, which has been scientifically proven to reduce brittle nails splitting and increase nail thickness.


  • Nuts and seeds

Need a healthy snack? Try a handful of almonds. Tasty and packed full of protein, almonds are a great way to boost your magnesium intake, which can help to prevent those pesky nail ridges for a smoother surface. Sunflower seeds are another favourite in the fight against weak nails.  


  • Water

And no, it doesn’t count if it’s in your coffee!

Renowned for being great for the complexion, you’ll reap endless benefits from drinking more water, including improved nail condition. It’s recommended to aim for around 8 glasses a day for maximum reward.


 Only use the best

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