Nails are back in business!

12 April 2021 witnessed the long-anticipated re-opening of beauticians and nail salons up and down the country. Excitement is high, and if you’re a salon owner you’ve no doubt spent the last few months eagerly preparing. But, with the unprecedented demand, how do you stay on top of that initial success and ensure your business continues to keep pace?

Here we take a look at a few simple ways you can make sure your business remains focused and stays one step ahead of the game.


Top tips for maintaining a successful re-opening


  1. Stay on top of protective equipment

…and keep it topped up. You might be shocked at how much disinfectant spray and vinyl gloves you get through so keep close tabs on your reserves and don’t let supplies run out!

It’s also a good idea to have a ready supply of disposable masks available too. We guarantee you’ll have plenty of clients who forget to bring one and little touches like offering a free mask will save wasted appointments and frustration.


  1. Stock check regularly

It’s not just your protective equipment you need to keep a close eye on.  Regular stock checks of everything from gel polishes to cleaning equipment, will help you to avoid costly shortages.


  1. Provide plenty of choice

People have spent a long time daydreaming about having their nails done, so  the last thing you want to do is disappoint them by not having their favourite colour of gel polish in stock.

Make sure you have a full rainbow collection, but remember, as restrictions are lifting, so too are moods and this tends to reflect itself in colour choice. So you’ll probably find that the brighter shades are the most sought after.


  1. Top up on care products

With frequent hand washing and anti-bacterial gels taking their toll, you may find that the general condition of clients’ nails has taken a turn for the worst. Take this into consideration when ordering cuticle and hand creams as you may need to be more liberal with their use during treatments, resulting in you running out more quickly than usual.


  1. Consider additional equipment

Time is money and if you have to schedule in fewer appointments whilst you take time to thoroughly clean equipment as well as surroundings, it can be a real drain on resources. Something worth considering then is upping your equipment levels. With more resources such as files and table lamps at your disposal to rotate between, less cleaning will be needed during the day. Helping you to free up appointment time.


  1. Order from a competitive and reliable supplier

The best way to ease the pressure and be confident in the service you’re offering? Order from a great supplier – such as Semilac Shop - who can keep pace with your demands and offer unrivalled choice at great prices.

Not only do we stock a fantastic range of nail products, but we also offer a selection of protective equipment too. Add to this the fact we offer free shipping for all orders over £20 (with goods usually dispatched the same day if your order is placed before 2pm), and you can relax knowing we’ve got you covered. Leaving you to focus on the real matter at hand – creating beautiful nails!


Talk to the team

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