Life after lockdown - are your nails ready?

Forgotten what having beautiful nails feels like? Cuticles growing wild, nails lost their lustre?

If, like most of us, the furthest you’ve ventured for months has been to your mate’s back garden (with hands firmly stuffed into pockets or snuggled in gloves in an attempt to keep warm), you’ve probably not given your nails much thought. So as the weather warms up and outdoor entertaining and socialising gets back underway, the question is, are your nails ready to party!?


Post lockdown inspiration

There’s nothing quite like a fresh manicure to leave you feeling fabulous. But if it’s been a while, you might feel a bit like you’ve lost your way. What’s in fashion? What colour should you pick? Are you nails too short?

Don’t fret. Here the team at Semilac Shop, cover all the basics you need to regain your manicure mojo… 

Things to think about:        


  • Making an appointment

First things first, make an appointment. Salons across the country only re-opened on 12 April but they are already getting booked up - so make your appointment pronto. Keep in mind they have to allow extra time for cleaning between appointments and have to allow for social distancing in the salon, so you may have to take a time that you wouldn’t normally choose. You’ll have more chance of getting booked in if you can be flexible.


  • Your nail shape and length

Have you grown talons during lockdown? Perhaps you’ve opted for a shorter look than you would normally go for to get involved with DIY projects at home and now you’re panicking about what to do with such short nails? Relax. Whichever direction your nails have taken, there will be a shape to flatter and make the most of their length. Check out our blog on nail shapes to find the right style for you.  


  • Trends for 2021

Lost sight of what’s hot and what’s not? Read up on the nail trends already proving popular in 2021 with our recent blog and don’t forget to check out the latest nail art causing a stir in the manicure world too. You’ll find everything from safari nails and this year’s colourful twist on the French manicure to multi-coloured nails and mishmash designs. The reassuring theme of 2021 is that almost anything goes!


  • Your diet

Be honest, have you overindulged during lockdown? Have you not only become a champion baker but a champion eater too? If you need a bit more encouragement to get back on the healthy bandwagon, then how about considering the fact that your diet can not only affect how you look and feel about yourself, but it can also impact on the condition on your nails too. Read ‘How your diet affects your nails’, to discover how a few smart switches and more careful meal planning, could really boost your nail health.


  • Colour check

Yellow is the colour across all corners of the design world this year - whether you’re painting your nails or your lounge walls! It’s the ideal choice for spring but so too are any bright, eye-catching colours. After all, your nails have waited a long time for this – don’t let them go unnoticed now.


Left it too late?

Social event approaching? Struggling to get an appointment? Then why not take matters into your own hands? At Semilac Shop we have everything you need to get your nails back in tip top conditions and looking their best!

You’ll find manicure starter kits, nail gel polish colours and fabulous accessories. Hey, you can even get your hand on beautiful Semilac makeup too…well you might as well look totally gorgeous!

Shop online now or for more information or advice, talk to the team. You can fill in our contact form, email or call 01636 707 727.