Which is the best nail shape for your hand?

Manicures. We love them! Taking nails from frumpy to fierce in less than an hour. But whilst you probably pick out a new nail colour every time you visit the beautician, do you mix up the shape of your nails?

Now don’t get us wrong, we love a new nail trend as much as the next person (probably more!). But whilst the colour of your gel nail polish can change to follow fashion, match your outfit, or even to suit your mood, nail shape is a different matter altogether.

Yes, there are some lucky people who can shape there nails any which way and still look fabulous, but – for most of us – there is usually an ‘ideal’ worth trying to stick to. A nail style that will enhance your fingers and flatter the natural shape of your hand.

To help find your perfect match, the nail experts here at Semilac Shop, have picked out some of the most popular.


  1. Rounded

Probably the simplest of nail shapes, the rounded look is a classic and excellent for short nails with a wide nail bed. The rounded edges elongate the appearance of nails and help to slim down the hand. And let’s not forget they are super practical for anyone with a particularly hands on job too, someone who needs a manicure that will look great but not slow them down or damage easily.


  1. Almond

Do you have short, wide fingers? Then this could be the shape for you. Almond nails are a long nail which tapers from the nail bed to produce a gently sculpted tip. Like rounded, almond nails looks natural and have the effect of making fingers appear longer.


  1. Oval

Giving the illusion of an extended nail and making hands look longer and slimmer, oval nails are the go-to nail shape for many manicures. Particularly good if you’re self-conscious about only having small hands but still desire long nails. They are similar in shape to almond but with the exception that oval nails are filed to have a flat edge at the top.


  1. Square

Low maintenance and practical, square nails have straight, blunt edges to create a ‘square’ appearance. They are ideal for people with long fingers and slim hands, as they prevent further lengthening and the risk of creating an over stretched appearance.


  1. Squoval

This design follows the shape of your cuticles creating a softer, more rounded version of the square. It’s another more natural looks that tends to suit everyone - although it’s a particularly great option for shorter nails as it doesn’t require much nail length to look good.


  1. Stiletto

The sharp point of this style draws out finger length and helps to make hands look long and lean - fab if your fingers are on the short side! The problem with this nail shape is it’s pretty high maintenance (and not very practical) and usually requires regular trips to the salon to stay looking good. 


  1. Ballerina (also known as coffin nails)

Ballerina nails - also known by the slightly more sinister title of ‘coffin nails’ (although it’s a pretty accurate depiction of their shape) - create a stunning, glamorous look. Longer and tapered like stiletto nails, these beauties are then finished with a square tip. Great statement nails but they only really work if you’re lucky enough to have naturally long, strong nails. 


Finishing touches

So, you’ve discovered your ideal nail shape, now to pick your favourite colour to complete the look. Take a look at the fantastic range of gorgeous gel nail polish shades we have available here at the Semilac Shop, along with nail files and everything you need for an at home manicure or to boost your salon supplies.

Start shopping now, or to talk to a member of the team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.