Luxury Nail Ideas for Brides to Be in Summer 2022

A wedding manicure is by far the most important manicure in your lifetime.

In addition to the dress, makeup, and hairstyle, it plays a very important role during the wedding ceremony itself. At the time of putting on the wedding ring, the manicure is more visible than the jewellery. That is why paying the greatest attention to our nails on this day is not an exaggeration, it is even advisable.


Summer is the perfect time to celebrate love. A perfect wedding manicure is the perfect complement to your dream wedding stylisation! Nothing emphasises femininity and style as much as the right wedding manicure. We encourage the brides to be bold and colourful, but we also have prepared something for nude, subtle fans as well. A delicate manicure in the powder pink colour or a timeless French would fit nicely with a wedding dress.


Wedding styles that are the most popular

Gel polish nails for "powder pink" wedding - this colour of nails looks the best on slightly tanned hands. A wedding manicure in powder pink colour is chosen by women for whom subtle nail art and delicate makeup are a sufficient complement to a wedding dress. This colour of wedding nails is the perfect background for charming, romantic decorations. Depending on the skills of the stylist performing the wedding manicure, the decorations can be extremely complicated or minimalist. Both variants of wedding decorations on a powder-pink background look extremely feminine and elegant.

Wedding nails with decorations - the most popular and fashionable wedding manicures are those that shimmer no less than the most expensive jewellery. Depending on its colour, we choose the shade of jewellery gel polish - yellow or rose gold, platinum, crystals … The colour of the ring and any accessories determines the colour of the manicure.


We are talking about colours such as:

094 Pink Gold,

144 Diamond Ring,

037 Gold Disco,

109 Miss of The World,

096 Starlight Night,

092 Shimmering White and

054 Pale Peach Glow.

The colours are among the most frequently chosen jewellery shades of gel polishes. We will also achieve the effect of luxurious jewellery by using Semilac Flash Powder.

Fancy - a very elegant nail design based on a luxurious lace pattern, which in reference to a wedding dress with the same elements will create a duo worthy of the bride and groom.

Fancy is a style that looks very dignified in a variety of colours, adding a sophisticated style to the styling. On the wedding day, the white one will make the biggest impression. This type of decoration requires exceptional precision and great manual skills, which is why the most effective variants of this wedding manicure are made only by professionals who are familiar with making this type of complex decorations.


French - white nails for the wedding. The most elegant variant of French manicure - a white tip with a translucent colour applied to the entire nail, has been an absolute classic for years! Thanks to the imagination of nail stylists and the countless number of new products, French manicure has gained many new faces. The most popular of them are Baby boomer, colourful French, or French in glam version, with highly shiny or lace accents. The latter version of the wedding manicure is one of the most popular, because more and more brides are choosing a white wedding manicure, the special character of which is emphasised by a delicate line marking the edge of the nail made with one of the gel jewellery polishes. a chance to become a legend!