Top 3 Gel Nail Styles for your Complete Summer

It's not difficult to guess which trends are still popular among the nails for the summer, although they are not among the latest ideas in manicure styling. It's ombre nails! Thousands of women loved their perfect shading, i.e., the transition of one colour to the other, and this love continues today. If you are still wondering how to decorate your nails for the summer - choose ombre nails with gel polish! Stay with us and you will learn 3 manicures that will work as the most fashionable gel nail polish for the summer.


Ombre - colourful nails

It’s obvious that every woman wants to have great nails for the summer. If you decide on ombre nails, you don't have to choose classic solutions. Bet on original connections! The proposal for Semilac summer nails is a colourful ombre, which we additionally decorated with a simple but effective pattern. The lines against the background of beautiful shading look charming. In addition, the ombre was made only on two nails of each hand. The rest of the nails was painted with a slightly whitened grey gel polish ‘544 Just Chillin’. This combination of intense colours with the grey perfectly harmonises with each other and creates a combination that is worth treating yourself to for the summer 2022.

This colourful ombre was created with neon Semilac powder, which facilitate the ombre. To cut them precisely, you can use our mini sponge that will do a medal!

And what other nails for the summer can we recommend to you? Further suggestions may surprise you.


Rainbow on nails

If intensive nail gel polishes are not your favourite on your nails on holiday, you can always opt for bright rainbow nails. These rainbow gel nails turned out to be a real hit, especially in Pride month. Using our latest Power Neon collection, these bright, vibrant colours are not only great on their own but also for a rainbow design. Customers love these colours:

What outfit will such nails suit for the summer? You can wear rainbow colours both for dresses and jeans. They are universal and still fashionable! And if we have already returned to fashion, it is also worth mentioning the use of rainbow nails among the prevailing trends in the manicure for the summer 2022.


Ombre and Neon Zoo

You can also use ombre nails as a background for perfect decorations in the current summer trend of Neon Zoo, which is characterised by fashionable animal motifs. There are many possibilities! We created an animal motif against the background of an intense ombre. Sounds energetic? Which of our suggestions will inspire you to create your gel nails? Show off your Instagram manicure and mark it #semilacshop. We are waiting to see your designs!