Is it OK for men to get a manicure? We say definitely YES

Manicure for men - the most important tips

According to many people, the first thing they focus on when getting to meet new people are their hands. Interestingly, this does not only apply to women. Men are rated the same. That is why it is worth knowing how to properly make a male manicure and how it differs from women's manicures. We all want to take care of ourselves correctly, so we dedicate this article to male nail care.

We all care about our appearance, so our hands play a big factor. Beautiful and manicured men's hands represent that a man knows every detail affects the general image and perception of us by others. It is worth remembering that men's nails, like women's, require appropriate care.


How to take care of men's hands?

A male manicure will not only be a beautifying treatment, but above all a great opportunity to sit back and relax. There are many possibilities for this, from adding well-chosen music in the background, to climatic candles that improve mood. How to perform a male manicure? It's nothing complicated. The only difference that you can observe between him, and females is the shape of the nail plate. Sometimes the skin of men's hands will be rougher and more calloused so she will need more work.

Male manicure step by step

As with every treatment, the first step is to thoroughly wash and disinfect your hands. Remember that for the safety of both people, the stylist should be wearing protective gloves. Each treatment carries a risk of violation of epidermis. Importantly, this is not always visible to the naked eye, so look carefully at the skin on your hands.

Take care of your work comfort. Ensure you work in a well-lit area and work surface is clean and ready for the treatment. When male hands and nails are already cleaned, it's time to move to the cuticle preparation. If you are in possession of a nail drill, it will make it much easier for you to work on cuticles and dry skin.

The next stage is to give the nails the desired shape. Usually, when performing male manicure, the length of the nails is kept as short as possible. Once you achieve desired shape and length, it's time to buff the surface of the nail plate. After this step is finished, use a brush to remove any dust.

Cutting the cuticles should be carried out with the help of cuticle scissors or nippers. Perform this stage with care as instrument can be very sharp, therefore avoiding any injuries.

Men's manicure - a nice accent ending the procedure

To make the nails look good, it is also worth taking care of the skin of men's hands. A good way would be to make an exfoliating peeling, after which you can also use a hand cream and a cuticle oil. For a more intense effect, after massage, wrap your hands with a towel and allow beneficial ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, leaving it for about 15 minutes. Ready! We hope that from now you will be able to take care not only of women’s, but also men's hands. The price of male manicure is no different from the classic, without painting nails.