3 Most Important Advantages of a Gel Polish Pedicure

You know the holidays you have been waiting for? Have your suitcases been packed for several days and are just waiting to be taken on a long journey? You’ve probably prepared your body for the holiday, including going to the gym, face masks, and good moisturising - all this to look impeccable during the holidays and feel confident. But did you remember your feet? Stay with us and we will tell you all about a gel polish pedicure that is worth treating yourself for.


What is a Gel Polish Pedicure?

Let's start with a short reminder of what a gel polish pedicure is. Gel polish pedicure is a procedure that is performed like a gel manicure. Therefore, to make it you will need the same products as when applying gel polish on your hands. In addition to the base, colour and top, you also need the right accessories and lamps. It is best if the lamp has a detachable bottom. Why? Your foot should easily fit under the lamp. Only then will the polish be well hardened, and the styling is successful. If you want to buy all the necessary products in one package, you can choose sets. This is a convenient and economical solution, and in addition both Semilac sets Love Me and Try Me contain lamps that can be used both in manicure and pedicure. Do you want to know the advantages of a gel pedicure for the summer? We mention this in the next part.


Gel Polish pedicure - why is it worth it?

There are several gel pedicure pros for the summer. However, we will start with the one that is the most important. A well -made gel pedicure provides styling that you can enjoy up to 3 weeks. Hence, this type of pedicure is especially recommended for holidays. Do you want to lie on the beach without thinking about whether your nails look good? Give yourself a gel pedicure and keep calm.

Saving time, convenience, and fashionable colours that you can change according to trends or your own taste and preferences - these are the most important advantages of a Semilac gel polish pedicure.


What colour should you choose?

Time to go to the most exciting part - choosing a gel polish. Among the rich range of colourful Semilac gel nail polishes, we have several suggestions for you that will perfectly match the pedicure for the summer. Here are our favourites:

-002 Delicate French UV Gel Polish

-424 Orange Euphoria UV Gel Polish

-550 Pure Red UV Gel Polish

-208 Mild Beige UV Gel Polish

-230 Girl Boss UV Gel Nails

And you, what colour will you decide on? Remember that fashionable nails must match you. If you don't like pink shades - choose whitened colours and vice versa. Have a fun pedicure and look for your favourite colour that will provide you with a successful stylisation - without thinking about everyday nail painting.