Manicure during pregnancy? Of course!

Pregnancy is a special time for every woman and often wonder if having a manicure is a good idea. We are happy to dispel any doubts! You can make gel nails during pregnancy and enjoy well -groomed hands in this unique period.

Can you have gel polish during pregnancy?

Gel polish and pregnancy is still a hot topic among women expecting a child. A large part of them wonders if you can do gel nails during pregnancy. The answer is simple - you can. Gel polish in pregnancy is safe, although attention should be paid to the condition of the nails. Sometimes when pregnant, nails can be weaker and brittle. However, sometimes they can also grow faster. It depends on the individual situation and hormones. Remember, however, not to apply gel polish to a heavily damaged or weakened nail plate. Make sure to strengthen the nail plate first.

Are gel polishes safe during pregnancy?

Although it is safe for pregnant women to have gel polish during pregnancy, you should think about another important issue. Which nail polish to choose? First, it is worth paying attention to the composition of the product you are interested in. Safe nail polishes in pregnancy should not contain formaldehyde or toluene. At Semilac we have a wide range of gel nail colours without these substances for you to choose from. Whether its 423 Full of Sunshine neon yellow or 426 Sweet Luck pink, it’s completely up to you.

The most common fears in the subject ‘pregnancy and gel polish’ relate to the use of a UV/LED lamp. However, there is no evidence that they have a negative effect on the child, so you can calmly perform a gel manicure.

Can you paint your nails with gel polish?

Semilac gel polishes are safe for pregnant women. Despite this, many pregnant women have dilemmas whether you can paint your nails during pregnancy, so it is worth emphasising that the nails are made of a tough, dead substance called keratin, the same material that makes up hair; and the ingredients of gel polish do not penetrate the bloodstream. In addition, they cure quickly. We know that pregnancy and gel nails are still a hot topic, so in addition to choosing safe preparations, it is important to remember the specific hygiene rules. The use of sterilised tools is very important. Your tools or nail files should be used only by you - don't borrow them to anyone else. Thanks to this, there is no danger of infections, and you can enjoy beautiful hands during pregnancy.

Acetone and pregnancy

If you know you can do gel nails during pregnancy, youre probably wondering how to remove it when the nails grow out? The thought appears in your head: acetone and pregnancy - is it safe? Our answer is yes, because first, remember to remove the gel polish properly, preferably with acetone or preparations containing it. Thanks to this, the nail plate will not be damaged. Acetone is not a harmful product. Let's summarise: gel manicure and pregnancy? Semilac says yes!