Perfect Pedicure with Semilac One Step Gel Polish Pen | Semilac Shop

Introducing the Semilac One Step hybrid pen! In this article you will find all the most important information about this product and quick step-by-step on how to use One Step hybrid pen in pedicure.

Nail polish in the pen is becoming more and more popular - thus winning the hearts of many women around the world. It allows you to get a long lasting effect so easily!

What exactly is this product? 

One Step Hybrid Pen is a hybrid gel polish in the form of a pen, it is a perfect solution for those who never tried a hybrid before. The main advantages of the product is that it does not require the use of a base or top. There are 15 colours in the One Step Hybrid range for you to choose from.

It's summer and we all want to show off our toes in those new pretty sandals.

So why not try using One Step Hybrid Pen? Trust us, it will make your pedicure routine so much easier and quicker.

Step 1. Shape you nails and gently buff them with polishing block. Degrease your nails with lint free wipe, moistened with Semilac Cleaner.

Step 2. Point marker downwards and slowly turn the cap until gel polish appears at the base of the brush.

Step 3. Apply thin layer to the entire nail plate and cure in the lamp.

UV LED lamp 9W - 60 seconds
UV LED lamp 24W - 60 sec
UV LED lamp 36W - 30 sec
UV LED lamp 48/24W - 30-60 sec.
UV lamp 36W - 120 sec.

Step 5. Wipe nails with lint free wipe, moistened with Semilac Cleaner.

Tip! To increase the gloss, apply small amount of oil (Semilac Nail & Cuticle Oil) directly on nails or with the lint-free wipe. 

Step 5. Clean the marker brush and store pen upright!


And here you go, perfect pedicure is so easy!