E-file. How to choose the right one for you? | Semilac Shop

Electric file or e-file became irreplaceable attribute for many nail professionals and home users. It is used for preparing the nail plate, cuticle work as well as for removing hybrid or gel manicure. But how to choose the right machine for you?


If you decided to invest in drill machine, look for reputable brands that would only put their name to high quality products. A lot of people make mistake of going for low price, poor quality products, which often fail after few uses or cause damage to the nails (we have all seen those horrifying images online).

It is important to do your research while choosing the e-file. We also recommend for you to take a training course prior using the drill machine, to learn correct and most importantly safe way of working with an e-file.


Semilac offers 2 e-files so let's have a look at them a little bit closer

 Semilac Black Electric Nail Drill Machine

In the set you get a drill machine, hand piece, foot pedal, 4 drill bits. This e-file has 65W power, it is quiet, fast, allows for efficient replacement of drill bits and adjustment of speed or direction of rotation. This Semilac e-file is perfect for everyone. It doesn't matter if you only make nails for yourself or if you do them in a salon for clients.


Semilac Beauty Salon Nail Drill Machine

This beauty is a new addition to Semilac family and has been created especially for nail salons.

This e-file has power of 48W, rotation speed upto 35 000 RPM. The brushless motor guarantees the reliability and durability of the device and makes drill's operation efficient, quiet and vibration-free. Customised design with touch panel that enables efficient and easy change of direction of rotation. The panel is equipped with 2 LED lights that indicate currently active direction of rotation.  The e-file is equipped with 6 abrasive bands of varying gradation and 6 drill bits for: levelling, shaping, polishing nails, removing dead skin and hybrid, gel, acrylic gel and nail tips.


Both machines come at affordable price and have 24-month warranty.