How To Remove Cuticle With Semilac E-File | Semilac Shop

Creating perfect manicure can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are struggling with nail preparation. Key to ideal nail polish application is clean cuticle area. Today we will show you how to remove cuticle with Semilac e-file.


E-file is a great attribute to have as it can help you to remove gel polish or enhancements as well as achieve clean cuticle area.

Please remember to use electric file carefully, never apply pressure to the nail when you use it, to avoid any damage to the skin or the nail plate.

Before you can start working on cuticle prep, you need to select appropriate drill machine to use. Make sure that your machine has sufficient power, handpiece does not produce any vibrations and sits comfortably in your hand. 

Next step is to select appropriate drill bits. For nail and cuticle preparation we recommend using all or some of these bits: 

Now you are ready to start working on that cuticle!

Step 1. Push cuticles back with orangewood stick or pusher.

Step 2. Inset Semilac Diamond Macro Barrel 008 into your e-files handpiece and turn machine of low rpm (rotation per minute). Use this bit to push citucle back and remove dead skin of the nail plate.

Step 3. Use Semilac Diamond Long Spike 006 to clean near/under proximal and lateral nail fold.

Step 4. Use Semilac Diamond Ball 004 to remove the remaining cuticle.

Step 5. Use Semilac Diamond Cone Spike 009 to polish the skin


Here is a very useful video demonstrating these steps.