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Semilac Fiber Base is a strong base for hybrid and gel varnish with nylon fibers. It is a solution for people who have weak, delicate nails that require additional strengthening and protection against further damage. Due to its durability, Fiber Base is recommended not only as a base itself, but also as a product suitable for overlays and extensions. 

The self-leveling formula adapts so well to the nail plate that we can build a perfect nail structure from the first time without any problems. Product spreads very well on the nail, leaves no streaks, smooths it's structure and levels its shape. It is worth knowing that the base, due to its specific properties, requires a different UV exposure time depending on the lamp:

  • UV LED 6 W lamp - 3 x 45 sec.
  • UV LED 9 W lamp - 2 x 60 sec
  • UV LED 24 W lamp - 2 x 60 sec.
  • UV LED 36 W lamp - 2 x 30 sec
  • UV LED 48/24 W lamp - 2 x 30 sec
  • UV lamp 36 W - 120 sec

Fiber Base comes in milky white colour that could be perfect colour just on its own. In addition, it is a great colour base that will conquer all shades, especially neon and pastels.

But let's compare it to other Semilac products

Semilac Fiber Base vs Semilac Extend Base

The main difference would be their colour and consistency. Semilac Fiber Base is milky white, while Semilac Extend Base is completely transparent. Both have similar properties, but Extend Base is a slightly less thick product, which may be an advantage for some. Fiber Base, however, has an advantage in the form of ingridients and colour. Nylon fibers in this base, make it perfect product to perform nail repairs. Colour of the base can enhance literally any shade of varnish and will be perfect for light, delicate shades. Both bases can be used as a building, strengthening and nail extension product.

Semilac Fiber Base vs Semilac Extend 5in1 Base

Both the Fiber and Extend 5in1 base can be treated as the final colour, the difference between them would be that in the case of Extend 5in1 we will not need a Top finish, unlike with Fiber Base. Extend 5in1 is a multitasking product - base, colour, extension, top, superstructure in one. Fiber is mainly a strengthening base.

Semilac Fiber Base vs Semilac Leveller Base

Fiber Base and Leveller Base differ mainly in the degree of flexibility, viscosity and purpose of use. After curing in the lamp fiber base is hard and strong, it's main task is to strengthen, while the Leveller acts as a filler. It is supposed to eliminate imperfections and curves, creating a perfectly smooth surface on the nail. Fiber containing nylon fibers is thick, while the leveller is thinner, allowing for even and ultra-fast distribution of the product.

Semilac Fiber Base vs Semilac Base

Everyone knows the classic base. We won't be able to extend the nail plate with it and we will not necessarily be able to strengthen it a lot. However, it is a product that levels well, it is thinner than Fiber, and is a perfect base layer for gel polish without creating a too thick layer.