Perfect, trendy and unique, it's purple!

Purple Gel Polish Nails for everyone

Do you love experimenting with trends and boldly showcasing your own style? Or maybe you prefer to follow style icons that show what is most desirable in each season? Violet colour on nails is distinguished by the fact that it will be perfect in almost every situation. The original shade will give your manicure a unique character!

A gel manicure is great for women of all ages. This is the only secret to the huge popularity of this method of decorating nails of various types - those longer, shorter, stronger, and slightly weaker. However, it will always give you more confidence in all situations! Purple gel nails are one of the shades that you can use in a neutral and more intense version. You have a 100% WOW effect!

For work, shopping, and a date - pastel purple nails!

Are you looking for a colour that you can successfully wear on many occasions and will complete your manicure each time? Of the wide range of colours, the absolute discovery of the season is purple. Modest, but at the same time remembered and showing all the advantages of the outfit, creates unique combinations with other colours and other elements of styling.

Light purple gel nails with a matt or semi -matt finish is a manicure which can be connected without the slightest fears with more bright colours of both a single element of the outfit (e.g., pants or shirt) and the entire set. The appropriate combination of all parts of the stylisation plays crucial importance so that the whole look looks perfect.  

It is worth ensuring that you also include the role of makeup when preparing a total look. It has a huge impact on how the overall look - for this purpose you should think carefully about what is to attract attention and which elements complement your outfit. The same principle also applies to jewellery. Too large accumulation of designs, colours and decorations can have the opposite effect.

Light purple nails - a perfect background

Although purple is a colour associated primarily with a period at the turn of summer and autumn you can safely wear it regardless of the time of year and make an integral part of your favourite styles - this universal colour looks great as a base, but also when it acts as decorations. For this reason, you can boldly create real works of art on the nail.

Gel nails painted in light purple are a great way to emphasise how huge potential lies in the shade of this colour. Paint a few nails with a smooth pastel colour to completely change the image of the entire manicure look. Such a few purples will not only brighten the dark shade, but also will become an interesting proposition for making delicate or more visible ornaments.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to check how you like the purple gel manicure, now it is a great opportunity to find out. French elegance is often associated with this colour, especially in places where lavender fields are grown.

Let yourself be seduced and see what potential purple gel polish has!